Santa Monica Beach

Kicking off my well worn shoes,

 they’re dirty, causing of the windy sand..

Warm coat covered up my cold heart,

 It’s wet causing of the seawater,

splashing on me..

My dry lips are tasting the salt of the gulfs.

 It’s flavor somehow remembers me of home..

Wind’s blowing in my hair,

the dark sky’s facing me,  I yearn of the old beautiful sunsets,

while sitting on the pier, letting my feet touching the water.


Where were you, when I wandered on the beach,

trying to remember my long lost song?

Where were you when I listened to the poor breeze,

to the sound of the rain?

Where were you when I kneeled down and prayed for hope?


Now I somehow fold my old coat,

and the warmth of it still makes sense in my heart..

Now I would renew my shoes and they heal every dirt,

they wash away every sand..

This time, I found my long lost song,

and I’ll keep the sunset in my pocket..


Now I know you always cared about me..



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