Girl From the Garden

Frolicking in the grass,


every wind seemed to slow down at her présence.


Bare feet, toes touching the coloured leaves on the ground.

This leaves are for the summer..


Each day seemed to be perfect

and when the sky turned red,

she swirled with her dress into her sleep..


She didn’t seemed to mind when the days were gone so fast,

because she lives the best days of her life..


During the break of dawn,

she danced and danced through her garden of Lavender..

Her energy never seemed to stop,

but whenever her knees got weak, she laid on the bed of roses..


And she knew; she had the best day of her life..


Whenever she looked at the sky,

she touched the clouds

and she discovered every detail of them..



She never felt lonely because she always saw the light..


Maybe it’s the Apple tree that’s bursting into her life.


Maybe it’s the smell of Lavender, that guided her through every night.


Maybe it’s the Lavender that helps her dreaming about today…




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