Broken Love songs

I try to keep my tears,

from falling down the earth

and it were the raindrops I heard,

flooding my mind..


Wet clothes,

shattered heart barely breathing in my fear..

Now I will keep my face down

and I taste the salt from every tear..


This love is so confused like the broken love songs,

who cry us to our sleep..


Our hearts shiver at the same time,

while listening to “The Love I’m Frightened Of”..

Maybe our minds are the same when we know the worse way what love makes us see..


This love is broken,

and we’re drenched in our doubts and fears..

Maybe our hearts will heal at the same time while we finally find the spark of love ..


Now we know the good way what love makes us see..


Maybe we still listen to those broken love songs,

but we’re never frightened of love again..




One thought on “Broken Love songs

  1. I used Some lyrics from “What I Miss About You” and the name of the song “The Love I’m Frightened Of”. These are beautiful sad ballads of the singer Katie Melua.

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