When I was lost,

in this world,

fragile and small…


My dreams seemed to fell down into the deep,

into the darkness..


Every step I took,

I thought I survived them..

But now I see I missed my chances…




Now, when I look at the sky,

my heart fills with gravity

from the universe…


It feels like I never fall again..


The wind’s lifting me up and Your wings are binging me a marvelous supernova..


As I spread my wings,

my doubs are drifting away..


My heart seems to be covered with the feathers of my wings,

and the gravity lets me fly across the hills..


My dreams seems to come out when the beauty of Venus appears…




The gravity lets me fly across the states of the forgotten world,

and now I know:  ” He saved me.  He comes to save this world.   Only If we let His wings fly us to the universe,  only if we never give up hope.. And only when we give our heart to Him..”





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