Hearing your footsteps splash on the rainy ground,

hearing your deepest sigh, covering your wound..


I’m drenched in questions when I still feel your presence,

but I can’t see your face..


Like the touch of your fingers,

still lingering on my shoulder.


Soft and caring is your embrace..

I can’t count the many tears I cried when you disappeared from this place..


Now, the lights are no more shining since you disappeared,

the rain’s the only sound like your voice I always heard,

in my head.

It feels like you left your soul here, in the middle of the night,

like I am meant to know every secret you kept in your mind..


Maybe the lights of the pavement will shine a little when I think about you tonight..


4 AM, my head’s spinning,

I fall on the cold wooden floor..

Now my heart finds what it’s aching for:


Your face…


Soft and caring is your embrace,

your hands so sweet like lace.


Your eyes, shining like the morning sun,

remembering every good moment, every fun.


When I close my eyes I remember every detail of you,

wandering in my mind..


I’m here again, at the same place..

Hoping someday I feel your presence again,

and I’ll see your face..









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