I let the rain soaking me,

I’m walking through the dark streets..

I meet the coldness again

and I know the warmth still lingers in my sheets.

Longing to go home..

But I don’t want to sleep tonight.

Right now,

I feel my tears flow in my fright.

This night,

I want to hide myself away from the light.

This time,

my throat pains themselves in my fight..

This hour,

I can’t seem to hold on tight,

to the warmth of the love..


Life seems so fragile,

It shatters so easily,

like a bleeding heart when it’s broken..

Like a heart that’s yearning for the living water

that thirsts our dry throats,

forgetting all the hopeless words we spoke…

Maybe when I look a little closer,

I can see the lights shine again,

they’re breathing a new life again..

I’m sure I can feel Your hand in mine

when I get through my fights,

with your help, Lord.

I like to hide myself under my warm sheets again,

I can feel Your healing

and Your grace..

— When I feel Your hand touches mine..



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