Bigger than your little finger,

intense and full grown..

I let your thumb sink into the warm blankets…

Place your thumb against mine,

so you can feel safe  this night.

Don’t let your thumb leave my hand,

just let it rest like your heart who’s beating in piece..

Let your thumb roam on the place of my heart,

It has a place just for you..

feel the love embrace you.

Touch my necklace, sign of love.

It stays as a mark forever on your heart..

Touch my index finger,

it sticks together with your thumb.

Like the bond of us, never leaving our life..

Your thumb,

surrounds my ring finger

as we sink into the cold december snow.

Feeling free,

feeling safe..

Your thumb fits perfectly in my hand,

together we look at the break of dawn..

— streaming out of my heart for you…



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