Missing Home

Whenever your scarf just don’t seem to give you the warmth,

which you need.


When your winter gloves don’t seem to satisfy your mind

whenever you wear them..


Whenever your coat didn’t seem to be a shelter for your heart..

You miss the way to home,

where the lights forever shined on the paths of your heart.

You miss the warmth,

the yearning to the trustful smell of the blown out candlelights.


You yearn for the times whenever you came home with your snowy boots

and you had to leave them on the doormat incase your parents got irritating.


But mostly you were the one who forgot,

and you looked at the snowy floor with your crooked little smile who turned into a sad expression..

Now you would look speechless at your boots and you still won’t leave your boots at the doormat..

because you remember home.

You let your eyes flicker to some burning candlelight,

as a  memory forever in your heart…

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