The Flood

Broken hearts,

don’t seem to heal

when you’re soul is aching for an appointment in keeping you safe,

in this lifeless deal..


Your house on the hill doesn’t seem to protect you from the flood,

within you can drown with your anxious blood.

Your feet feels so heavy whenever you walk the path of your life but they always seem to sink into the silt,

and you feel the bleeding wounds you always seem to spilt;  on the way of your heart..

Every tear is like a stabbing gape,

bursting out in my veins whenever you seemed to leave the world.

Every word we speak; feel the biting salt that stays on our tongues forever,

the pain that let our hearts fly as broken balloons in the wind.

Fragile and broken,

waiting for a new dike to stop the flood of my thousand tears…

But praying for all these years,

it never seemed to help..


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