Reindeer In The Headlights

Rustling in the bushes,

you try to use your chances again..

You try to cover up your face with a woolen scarf,

you hide from the busy world where your heart beats with a speed like a wild train..


You try to look through the night,

but your eyes are blinding in the bright light.


Your fear seems to grow bigger and bigger,

and your doubts seem to sound in the night flicker..


Your eyes seem to lost themselves in a trance of your life,

that seems to disappear for your eyes in one second..

I know, you’re the reindeer in the headlights

with your eyes shining through thousand faces of the busy world,

with your heart vibrating like a full speed train;  blocking the road you try to cross

and we all feel the wounding and bleeding heart of you which we toss from death to heaven…


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