My headache feels like a stabbing knife,

reaching out for pain.

My bloodstream is aching in my vein.


I feel my eyelids are hurting  causing there constant closing..

Eyelashes falling out,

from their battle of the poisoned tears;

they’re sadly losing..


My knuckles are bruised from the fight,

I feel my cold water slowly disappearing out off my body tonight..


When is this over?

My never-lasting nightmare about clinging to a hard unbroken wall

with my bleeding tears..

Are they still going on, ;  my doubts, after all these horrible years?

Bloodshot eyes,

sore throat.

Doubting mind lost on a dangerous road.


Voices shouting inside my head:

“Take a chance between the traffic lights: green or red?”

My mind takes the the dangerous chance instead..


Waking up on a shattered floor,

broken glass stinging on the door of my heart.

I feel this world is falling apart..


So now i’m living my hallucinations again and again.

In fear of my own death..


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