Precious Love

Hold your body close to mine,

So I can feel your warmth and it would be fine.

I feel my fingers spuddle with the blankets; shuddering from the beat of your own heart.

Our hearts, each their own rhythm; yet there’s nothing in between keeping their uniqueness apart…

Lay your hand on the place of my heart,

can you feel my feelings, they’re never getting old;

Cause I’m telling you: my age won’t change the way I feel about you, nor my mind changes the feeling from it when a thousand of times; it’s being told..

Just lay your head on my shoulder,

Your eyelids are closing in the night.

All I have to do is to keep you safe from the fright..


Somehow I know when you open your eyes again in a beautiful world;

And your dreams are appearing again and again in a better time:

I only have to look at your face and I know you’re feeling fine.

With a peaceful smile adorning your precious face,

Probably longing for those warm summer days:

With your hand in mine, while both looking at the sunset in this wonderful place…


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