Nashville is not the same without you

All those guitars,

blinked in the break of dawn.

I fitted  my winterboots; I walked a new era in this familiar  town..


I danced under the snowy pineapple trees,

I heard: my dreams were so free like the old country songs, floating in the wind..

The atmosphere ; he brought my thoughts to the stars:

They told me the right choices, they blurred  away my scars…;

The scars of me sitting alone in old dusty bars,

The one’s I used to shared drinks with my good old friends.

But lately all I seem to do is just staring at an empty glass.

So friend, I like to meet you again and again, or maybe or less.


“Cause Nashville’s not the same without you.

When you’re singing Tim McGraw songs ’til the beginning of the night.

This place is not the same without you when I look into your playful eyes shining with light..


Buddy, you seemed to ignore any fright:

Of losing the one’s you love; They’re just like me living on the other side..

Of the world without Nashville..

The Nashville I dreamed about…..


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