Dogs in the morning

Waiting for the sun to arrive,

lifting up my sheets and I feel my bare feet rise ;

I’m born in a new morning..


The sun is shining through the window; lighting up my white pillow..

The rustling in the living room makes me want to see this new day in all her glory and peacefulness, so soon..


And right when I’m about to discover the sound of dripping water in the antique sink;

The dogs they wait for my bedroom door;

only a couple of minutes later they’re in my arms where they belong for..
– I lie with them on the wooden floor..

Isn’t it good to start with your black coffee and the newspaper in the beginning of the day,

with a peaceful silence when you really don’t have a single thing to say?

And when you got out off your trance when you feel one of your dog’s tail moving against your feet.

-you’re waiting for the imitate connection which you always need..

And then there may be times when your days are just as lost like your doubts were,

you finally arrived home and you saw your dogs sleeping on your chair..

And you know the dogs searched for every presence from you,

waiting there by the window, hopeful and sparkly eyes causing by the reflection of the moonlight..

Once you opened your eyes you knew you learned you’re life was actually pretty right;

because it’s only possible with these dogs always by your side…



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