Lanterns of Amsterdam

Cold hands into the pockets of my woolen wintercoat,

The winter brought me back to the snowy weather and the snowy road;

back to 1998 where Amsterdam seemed to be my hometown.


The snow fell into the big white and fresh gown,

lit by the lanterns of the street in those atmospheric nights..


And then I saw your eyes sparkling in the darkness,

forgetting all my frights..

That one touch of your hand seemed like a statement of feeling safe,

at the same time feeling wonderful and brave..

I’m still wondering why you had to go,

And I heard you whisper in my ear:  “I really don’t know”…


And I stand here again staring at the stars under the lanterns of Amsterdam,

I remember the day you left me alone letting my hart feel a slam;

a slam of the door you just hastily burst in your anger.

Darling, I feel the danger too..

crawling up unto your neck,

a shiver running down on your spine and back.


Where was the time you realized your life was complete

and you would never stare again at the empty passenger seat?

Or the time where you would always fell asleep with all the lights on,

and my heart beating throughout the fabric of your flannel shirt?


Or your happiness,

causing to fly your arms like a weird imitation of my favorite bird?

Darling, I feel it, the fright.

The unsureness of your glance present in my hopeless sight..

So why did you had to break our well blooming love from the past?

And  when you refuse to see me standing under the lanterns of Amsterdam,

 You’re breathing your own life like it’s your last..

without me…


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