In This Hour

It’s the rain splashing in my face,

it drowns me in this lonely place..


Crippled soul,

broken heart,

I feel myself fall into a dangerous hole;

full of loneliness..

I always seem to go back to the memories whenever you were reckless:

about our future..

you would thought we’d stick together forever,

and you’ve even already bought the furniture..

–To place in our house

with all the peaceful lights on.

And now I’m biting my lip and I realize the only light in my house is now from the refrigerator in the darkness of the night..


When I stare at the dusted furniture and feel my heart beating in pain;

I finally know what I’ve become in this hour

without you..:

A hopeless mess with bleeding eyes,

stinging from the soar salt;

slowly streaming in the wounded lies  from our broken past.

The only thing my tongue can feel are the blisters,

darling I don’t want them to last…


Do you hear me crying,

do you see me suffer?

Do you feel my uprising and dangerous fever,

Do you see my veins breaking into the a bath of thorns?

Darling, do you understand my pain?

I want to love you,

but not in that hurtful situation again…

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