Nothing To Celebrate

There I sit,

sinking into the old familiar wooden chair, remembering the time when you were here by my side; when life was fair..

Clattering wine glasses, full of the sweet liquid.. The presence of joyful laughter in their peaceful spirit.

Happiness to celebrate this party at this hour..


They celebrate this party of a good life I earlier gave up;

While we were both facing our never ending luck..

-But soon enough I watched you disappear into the darkness and I was drowning into the rain..


Baby, forgetting you: I can’t do it,

my mind is getting insane..

There I sit, with the most awful doubt,

Waiting for the end of this terrible sociability,

while I hear my wounded prayers aloud: breaking the walls of my hopeless heart..

I didn’t wanted to end up alone, But it seems that’s where I now belong..

While I still stare at my wounded blood in the dusted wineglass..


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