Can I Stay?

Love me like you did,

in the dept of the night.

The moonlight dancing in your precious face,

My body letting disappear my fright..

Can I stay by you, tonight.

So I can put off the light?

The light of your bed side table,

shining the past evening into the darkness of a new night.

Can I lay next to you,

while I lie my head in the crook of your neck and I will be able..

— I will be able to hear your soothing heartbeat when I place my ear on your chest;

lulling myself to a midnight dream..?

Can I stay with you ’til the morning coldness is slipping underneath your door

And when my heart belongs to the warmth of your wooden floor?

Can I stay with you ’til I’m poor..

–I’m poor without the heated sheets from your warm body..

When I walk to the kitchen and I see your presence into the kitchen room..

I’m letting my doubts from loneliness fly away; so soon.

When I see you making sweet coffee like every usual morning..

And I’m smiling at you with a restful smile without a warning…

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