I see the thorns,

stabbing into the precious flesh from Your now wounded forehead,

the betrayal had made himself an afforded,

to the cruel darkness..


Is this the joyful past whom always seemed endless, now suddenly broken?

The wounds seem to cling into the deepest of Your strong Hands;

now suffering from weakness and pain..

Lord, how can I live in this world again?

— without Your love?

The horrible blood appears to stream in Your eyes,

innocent and still full of love..

I see the heaven turning dark; above…


The ripping of the curtains from God’s temple,

I feel the stopping from our heart,

I see your body tremble;

in the pain of the biting ulcers,

the ulcers from the betrayal and injustice..

Jesus, I hear your last breath,

I feel the power of a devastated death.


I see the rising from a new life,

the healing souls, glowing alive..

–Now I see your eyelids closing…


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