These streets shimmer from the sad rain,

broken asphalt,

thousands of lost pebbles wanna live there again..

Dimming streetlights;

the last little bit of light:

shining in this horrible fright,

we seem to be attacked on..


Bloodied balconies;

full of broken chances of a pretty life:

The lives we screamed for in our many heartfelt thrives.

Will there be a chance of healing,

when I see thousands of shattered hearts falling on the ground?


Will there be a day when there’s a coagulation for  this deep wound?

The only thing I know is that I can’t be the only angel fixing this huge problem.

And I know I can’t heal this broken heart that’s so numb..

This forsaken world,

horrible and detached in her own word.

Lies and treacheries just seemed her bleeding more and more.

Lifeless and hungry, she’s so poor..


It gets so much better if we just spread all of our wings,

we lie our problems down, our troubling things..

It gets so much better if we just pray for the help of God..


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