The Aroma Of The Sea

The morning and her blankets of clouds;

She lets them disappear..

I see the break of dawn; its beauty born in the atmosphere..

It won’t take long until I meet this eternal aroma again.

The white fabric of my beach T-shirt shining in the sunlight; as my precious gain…

Sea salt lingering in my nasal cavity,
the longing to the scent of the beach;

It makes me feel so free..

As usual I begin my day with the newspaper,
reading about the proceedings in this humanity,

but when I close my thoughts the sea tells me her proceedings
and her secrets; she doesn’t have a single one to free..

So I let my toes slide between thousands of grains from the sand,

I feel the wind in my hair,

The sea gives me thousands of her stories; she never believed in a possible end…

She tells me about ebb-tide and high tide,
her sunsets coloring beautiful in my sight.

Her knowledge about the storms and the rest,

the rolling of the gulfs, reaching the coast; she prepares it at her best!


This feels like home when I feel the sea salt lingering on my lips.

And the sound of the gulls echoing through my veins..


The peaceful rustle of the helmet grass helps with the rhyming of my heart.

Only beating for the beach, that speciality..


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