Kissing Another Cheek

 I want to invent new hopes once more again

“In a life with you”, says my eternal vow.


And when I walk the paths I still trust;

The time seems to penetrate me now;

this path leads me to the the dreadful truth and deceit..


I wonder;

“In this painful occasion, why is it you I’m still searching for?”

I guess my wondering’s all gone when I see you there in my clear sight;

kissing another cheek,

a new love blossoming,

my jealousy can’t take me away.

Darling I feel it’s you as you make my heart tore..

you make my heart tore apart..


Forgotten is our love,

downtrodden and wounded,

detached into the dirty mud…


Wounded is our love,

like the insidious knives lancinating in the shivering of my spine.

Horrible like a new and yet fresh cut…

The time seems to penetrate me now,

me and my oh so hopeful thoughts;

they seem so useless now:

in this visible truth:


That you don’t love me anymore…


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