Summer Rain

The break of dawn mistaken in her appearance.

The atmosphere of the fresh morning mist,

which eventually clogged herself.


The clouds have provoked the raindrops,

to the attainment of the dry ground,

exposed to the warm sun

who have no other way , they’ve done it so very well..


The play of every detail,

the fresh smell of drenched sand between the tiles.

The rhythmic sound of rain drops against the wooden walls ..


All this seems to be as usual,

yet so unique and peaceful ..

This rainy weather shows her authoritative atmosphere,

loving and

so indispensable complete …


And to experience this delicious details again and again,

know; I’m always ready,

when I enter the water-lined sidewalks…


and suddenly ; There appears  the usual liquid;

the rain as a blend with gasoline as a coloring of a sudden rainbow ..

I ask you; Was it the enthusiasm with which my heart moved?


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