Waiting In The Hospital, Waiting For You..

The astringent scent of the chemicals;
provision of a healing
that’s not yet in your employent..
The beeping of the heart monitors the causing of a horrible woriedness,
Together as one violent headache,
I’m praying and begging for a chance to get you out of this anxiety,
Darling, I’m so restless…

But I’ll know I will sit forever on this same cold, wooden hospital chair
and when I wake up from these many of restless nights,
I’ll always feel the cold, wooden railing burning as a painful mark; burning in the fragile skin of my back.
I will feel the regular sticking of the loose stands from my hair:
They’re so lifeless and pitless in this lose of you..

My head in my hands,
salt tears stinging into my many of wounds…

The worried glances from this humanity;
from the hospital visitors:
They don’t bother me when I hear you choke with painful sounds….
I will wait for you in this acerbity,
waiting for a healing and her ability..
I will wait for you with my bloodshot eyes,
I will wait for you until this horrible situation dies…….


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