Love In The Same Gender

When two hands are precisely made for eachother;

intimate and full of love; making the passion go further than before..

Maybe there isn’t distinction between mine and your features, but all I tend for is to make this work with all of our believes and our common futures..


 Our hearts are absolutely not in tend to break with the peaceful bloodstream,

 Our lips are not to forsake, they’re with eachother, they have an wonderful way of seeking for right words. Yet, it is the thruth speaking:

“They are the same in their tenderness, loveliness, and fairness..”

I’m sure our hearts make no distinction, and after all our love is better than the one from an fake instruction..


:Love is able to be unique, what is love anyway, if it’s too standard in her seek?

 What is love without God? And what is God without Love?

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