You Don’t

The many seen and intimate longing.

The love whom the world is receiving,

Again and again…


Thousands of hearts bursting to a warm and cozy sensation,

meanwhile, I’m stuck in this soar frustration.

Because you just don’t seem to do it:

you don’t protect me in your arms,

like you did in the past with that kind of promise still somehow available in this time; but this promise never warms again..


Tell me; you’re not warming me with the usual burning fire,

instead you let me here
alone in this horrible hour..

Because you just don’t do it;

you just don’t show any kind of love.

I feel my tears rain from above
and I’m drenching in anxiety.

Without you,
because you don’t do anything;

I’m abandoned in the darkness

and I’m so frightened..

And you just don’t want it,
I’m so blinded by this kind of hurtful rejection..


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