Lost & Unrequited Love

A love that never had the chance to bloom, instead it just had to blow,
blow away.
A love that never had the chance to be together in humanity: the two persons binding in one beautiful flow.
After all my love didn’t seemed to be mutual,
But the warmth always stays within me in personal,

it’s slowly killing me that I just live into these painful blood explotions,

And at the same time I’m troubling again in these soar seductions..
I’m seduced into the sudden truth waking up from her betrayed invinsibilty;

This would never be something because you would never return the feelings in my useless waiting for a possibility between us..

You would never love me like I love you…
now I’m out of love,
I’m faraway from the unrequited,

I’m lost in love and the accountability of looking for some.
I know I need a therapy,
it must help me,
but now I see:
I still love you deeply…

It’s wrong, yet undeniable right.
After all, who would I be thinking of in the darkest of my night?

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