Blood In My Mouth

Hands in my pockets just trying to block off the soar air causing wounds in my fingered flesh;

my feelings didn’t expect to express.

Confessions of an already shattered love,

Yes I’m trying to dry the tears from above.

Yes and I still taste the blood as a result of the meanings which you lied

and the wishes you spoke for me;

they already died and they carry off into the shattered sink.

And now istead of “drink”, I drown…

The whole time you would throw a door into my face;

My anger was the one who would make my heart race.

My bones would break;

they would bathe themselves into a blood destroyed lake…


The confessions; they’re were already present,

But the love inside me made it look absent.


Your love lied to me,

and my love was blind to see…


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