Tears Of “I Lost You”

I will break the glass of the window from the shower with my frightful teeth, I’d rather like to break something bigger than my own stupid execution of power. . Yes I feel; the shards are wounding my hands. Yes I will scream, I will shout ’til my bleeding hair is being pulled out ofContinue reading “Tears Of “I Lost You””

Charlie Chaplin

You’re dreaming in black and white, A usual routine of life You see each day renew in a different light. You sit on the same familiar bench, With folded hands In satisfaction.. Life never seems to be in disadvantage, You always seem to live with a big smile; so everybody can see your happy language.Continue reading “Charlie Chaplin”

Your Warmth

Raindrops falling onto bed, the window is slightly open. But the rain isn’t for me to fret, because my head is thinking about you.. .. Your eyes, so intimidating; their glances making myself weak in the knees. Yes I’m bathing in love.. . I’m dreaming about sweet love, do you do that too? . WithContinue reading “Your Warmth”

The Nature

The blackberry bushes, is it their beauty you can see? the fruits, can you smell them, maybe? By the cracking of my mischievous wandering feet, I still hear the welcoming pinetree and her greet. With the rustling of the pines, the raindrops on the million leaves, I discover their stories and speculations about when theContinue reading “The Nature”

The Taste Of Black Coffee

The taste of the dawn, which we always try everytime when we’re drawn, drawn within her beauty.. … It’s the love that makes us so much bigger than before in the humanity of this morning, and we peacefully apply our mascara or we wash our faces, yes we embrace the morning in our own uniqueness,Continue reading “The Taste Of Black Coffee”