You’re Gone

Heart beating

soon enough,

heart stopping..

Who had ever expected this;

in all of the innocence..

At this sleepless night,

 of the many thousand ones,

I hear the rain clattering against the window,

the wildly rustling of the old willow.

The wind screams your name out;

in pain and  he’s longing for your appearance 

that just isn’t here anymore..


Since now,

yes since today,

yesterday and surely tomorrow…:

my soul and I,

we will sorrow,

in the darkness..

Everyday I will look at the tasted wine glass from you,

with still one single drop you were too late to drink.

And every time I will wash away my sour blood dripping into the sink..

I will always remind you,

I will always love you.

I will always care about you,

I will always adore you


and I will do that much more when it’s my time to go..


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