The Taste Of Black Coffee

The taste of the dawn,

which we always try everytime when we’re drawn,

drawn within her beauty..

It’s the love that makes us so much bigger than before in the humanity of this morning,

and we peacefully apply our mascara or we wash our faces,

yes we embrace the morning in our own uniqueness,

in our own time and places…

without a warning..


And whenever we feel the still taste of the flour of bread on our lips,

it’s the familiar black coffee which our mouth nips;

the pureness so bitter,
yet so sweet.

When we feel the mint taste making place in our breaths because of the toothpaste,

It is the sudden healthiness whom lifts our own feet..

These morning activities seem to be so usual

but what always surprised me and still now:

Is the black coffee,

The staying of the taste on my tongue,

causing me to feel so free just when I’m roaming around in this big state.

At evening I’m arriving home so late,

and I can’t help but wait,

for the next dawn…


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