The Nature

The blackberry bushes, is it their beauty you can see?

the fruits, can you smell them, maybe?

By the cracking of my mischievous wandering feet,

I still hear the welcoming pinetree and her greet.

With the rustling of the pines,

the raindrops on the million leaves,

I discover their stories and speculations about when the weather will be dry again.


Yes, it’s so fine to be completely faraway from the busy humanity

Instead I’m completely aware of the pollination from the grains

and I know it is my beating heart that remains within me.

At the shining of the sun,

I find myself again in the big field of grass

the place where the nature has begun.


Yes, I will be silent,

and my curious thoughs will lay down on the soft ground;

Where earlier in decade a new love was bound..



I drink the juice of the grapes,

my yearning does its job and gets what it takes:

A new sensation..


My teeth;

they will stay here forever into the bitter taste of walnuts…

I wonder why the path of my worries is long gone

but now I know why

as I lay myself down onto the big blanket of whiteness , shells and sand

And I smell the peaceful scent..

A scent of a new aroma of the sea whom silently creeps within me…



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