The aroma of old LP covers,

the flower fields

and their beauty within us hovers..


De forgotten years,

I would still drink,

with you in the back of my mind,

out of a water source.


Yes, I’m still looking for a piece of you to find,

in the sleeping of the sun.

Like we did as we watched a world in her growing

and would watch a future begun..


Yes, I still know in 2008,

my speculations began to boil into the pure water,

the speculations about a coming future

whom I seemed to recklessly save for later.

Yes, in 2008 I wasn’t worried,

I wasn’t worried about the possible last morning with you,

because after all the future wasn’t for us to decide… It was up to God..

Life seemed to be so peaceful when we warmed our marshmallows in the fire,

and we heard the flames

whispering about us, later on wanting to jump into the sea waves.

–You would always swim with me together.


Would you always sink with your feet into the soft sand?

And would you take my hand

when we were jumping into the waves?

And I thought later on when we were dried up;

“Are you going to sit with me under the willow tree,

with her mother-like protection, her grace and luck?


But there was that time when you came with me and you let your toes wander on the wooden flour,

you let them discover the many patterns,

and I was still the one doubting myself at almost the end of 2008;

“If all of that matters to you like it does for me,  would you still stay here?”

when the morning made her appearance into the kitchen window,

and your eyes would be opening with still your head on the pillow..


Weren’t you satisfied?

Maybe not,
surely not.  You were gone by the very end of 2008,

and I know the beautiful future lied..


Sometimes we just can’t decide the future.. It’s up to God..


And I still keep the seven year old tear for you.

Because I know after all I still deeply love you.


Looking back,

In the peaceful time of the already faded 2008,

Looking further in a lonely 2015
I know it isn’t never too late to forgive.


And still, we can live as we just let God decide it all;
the future.

Instead of making us worried to recklessly fall,

fall for someone..


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