Your Warmth

Raindrops falling onto bed,

the window is slightly open.

But the rain isn’t for me to fret,

because my head is thinking about you..


Your eyes, so intimidating;

their glances making myself weak in the knees.

Yes I’m bathing

in love..


I’m dreaming about sweet love,

do you do that too?


With my cold feet and limbs,

your warmth is radiating me, and keeps coming through..


The warmth of your hands streams between the fabric of my shirt,

the warmth as a lovely hymn I never heard



I can hear the love you speak and which you’d said before;

those warm clothed meanings I just can’t ignore.


There’s no heartbeat to miss,

when I lose myself once again in my rambling speculations

But you are always with me, I reach out for you

And once again I’m in the eternal bliss

of the warm love…


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