Tears Of “I Lost You”

I will break the glass of the window from the shower

with my frightful teeth, I’d rather like to break something bigger than my own stupid execution of power.


Yes I feel;

the shards are wounding my hands.

Yes I will scream,

I will shout ’til my bleeding hair is being pulled out of my own fragile head.

Just to feel the pain, 

the painful lies you said.


Yes, I will cry ’til the ruined mascara will sting into my eyes

and when the veins of my heart turn into an explode of hurtful fire.


I always knew

you were the one whom would throw my heart into thistles.

And when I thought my heart was healing,

yet, you were the one throwing,

you threw it again.


 Thousands of bloodied tears I then cried

and I still find.

I still see them streaming into the sink,

when I’m losing my mind

thinking about the time when I lost you…


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