“Jesus Christ Loves You”

“I wrote this poem based on the day I walked on the streets of NY. In the huge crowd I noticed was a man holding a giant board “Jesus Christ Loves You”. I also noticed this man was being proud of his faith by telling the world about it.”


there was a man;

he never seemed to forget hope.


that man with his dreamy and gazing features;

he looked at this world in all of delicateness and many human natures.

And the man, yes:

The citizen;

He noticed every detail.


The gossip of the adults and children

The aroma of Starbucks coffee cups,

the scent of baked bread, so unbelievably fresh.


The restful conversations,

the busy complications,

the whispering about the long and lost and maybe possible vacations.


The break of dawn that wakes herself in a new day,

days whom start early and stop in the dark hour of twelve.


Yes the man;

the citizen;

the one with his dreamy and gazing features,

he holds his written words on boards with the hope of telling many people on different futures;

“Jesus Christ Loves You”

Schermafbeelding 2015-09-24 om 22.26.05

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