Can’t Get Over You

Shall I keep drinking, or shall I rather keep drowning in this already empty bottle? . Everybody tunes in for another round or two, what started less, turns into some more rounds. at the same time I’m longing for you in this home sickness but it seems I’m getting addicted to alcohol again. . I’mContinue reading “Can’t Get Over You”

Between You And Me

When our lips reach each other slowly in enough space of time, I absolutely hope; that won’t change anything between you and me. . If I’m in a deep haze of sleep, you would speak my name soothingly to wake me up and when I don’t directly answer, I absolute hope; that won’t change anythingContinue reading “Between You And Me”

You Can’t Feel The Love

A loving embrace, it isn’t nearly there; not even close to you. Like a kiss that’s placed against your ear, it needs to linger there; forever. But instead it is for you as much as empty air. You can’t feel the sensation. I’m burning in frustration. Darling, what have they done? Did they spat theirContinue reading “You Can’t Feel The Love”

When Fall Comes Over

Apple and cinnamon, the steaming coffee cups I’m letting my lips wander on. . Bring me to the coldness, bring me to her strange, yet fine coziness. Bring me to the falling of the leaves so brown, don’t make me frown yet when the realation hits ; The fall doesn’t go on for always. InsteadContinue reading “When Fall Comes Over”

Warm Feet

T-shirt lying on the floor, warmth coming out of their different fabrics; feeding veins because it’s what they’re longing for. The sheets and blankets; the love with her conscience and her eternal magnets.. Yes, there are warm feet. Limbs are tangeled up with another ones underneath this sheet. Being drunk of a familiar skin withContinue reading “Warm Feet”

Passed Away

This sunday is grey. A sunday means to be beautiful. But this isn’t a beautiful day. The leaves from the dead trees are a deadfull mess of dirt and mud. Hearts breaking still in that loud and painful thud. . Unbelief wounding in this lifeless silence, like a deep cut. Tears are spilling onto theContinue reading “Passed Away”

Sentimental Touch

Flesh against flesh. warm and deep. Looking for a love to seek; between the heated sheets, our connection sinking into the mattress; I’m looking for that confirmation. . Your red cheeks; Their flush, I caress. My fingertops with their gentle touch and pressing. I desire for a discovering every time. . Flesh against flesh, warmContinue reading “Sentimental Touch”