Can’t Get Over You

Shall I keep drinking,

or shall I rather keep drowning

in this already empty bottle?


Everybody tunes in for another round or two,

what started less,

turns into some more rounds.

at the same time I’m longing for you in this home sickness

but it seems I’m getting addicted to alcohol again.


I’m so lost

and I lie in on the floor with my head on my knees.

Trying to search for some little peace.

But I’m sobbing

My heart is throbbing in fright.



I sit here,

with my head harshly banging onto the cold bar table.

I guess our love wasn’t able to stay forever.


And my gaze falls onto the empty, smeared wineglass.

The reflection of light appearing onto it makes
me suddenly look at your lovely face and their expressions,

their many experiences of a true love.

But then I close my eyes to open them again,

to understand this just didn’t happened,

I crash onto the floor blood pouring out in my lifeless frame.

It pains me that you left me.

But can’t you see?

I still care about you.

I can’t stop loving you!


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