Green Sweater

Between the bed

of brown and red colored leaves.

The acrons

and her detached bark,

with a hint of chestnut, those are reaching

our nostrils.


The autumn sun colors orange
at the falling of the evening,

the sensation gives me many chills between the hairs of my arms.


Was it the sweet water ditch I always swam in?

Now I found her again; frozen..

and from the other side is it the appearing of the frost

that still prevents.


Between the crackle of the branches

the scent of spicy parfume;

both are wonderful presents.

The pine cones are falling onto my winterboots.


Between the blowing

and whispering

in the brown wheat fields;

The falling of the snow is the embrace my body feels.


This is a continue

taste of the autumn months and seasons

this a continue habit of myself and I can’t explain the reasons.

Because my nose is covered into the fabric of my green sweater;

Longing and smelling to the time and her season’s connection.

I searched for many more chestnuts for my collection..


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