Country Ballads

Reminder of our old love,

 first so precious that it always brings

me back nowadays

while “The Sound Of A Million Dreams” by David Nail is playing.


But later on;

the love didn’t seemed to succeed;

it lost her satisfaction, her need,

it lost her glory and intimacy.


And my eyes; 

there were bleeding dry

streaming away all of my new tears again and again.

When I’m listening to Kelsea Ballerini’s “First Time” 

I’m wondering if I ever did something wrong, then.


But I discovered all too well

I wasn’t wrong,

you were gone,

in the blink of an eye.


I discovered all too well,

everything you said, felt and did was a lie.

Our love wasn’t meant to be.


You left me for one another

and I cried on the cold floor; there.


I cried until my ruined make-up 


into my red stained eyes.

I cried until my ruined make-up  


into my fresh wounds.


It’s your sabotage that still mourns.


And it  were always the horrible 

and hopeless

feelings that didn’t seemed to die.


And I’ll admit;

I still think about you.

I absolutely don’t want to

when Keith Urban’s “Tonight I Wanna Cry”  is being stuck in my head.


I will ask it now for the very last time

even though I know your denial,

do you ever think of me?


Because I do anytime.

I miss you when I hear Tim McGraw’s “Please Remember Me” playing on the radio…




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