The Common Linnets

A sore glass of wine,

I’d rather fall into unconsciousness;

for about thousand times

than instead to know the reality;

I can’t be here without you,

I can’t be me,

without you; I’m less.

Without you I’m not fine..


The love whom I saw; it shined,
in the eyes of you;
my real love,

An intimacy only meant for me,

but soon enough.

it became temporarily;

I saw it drown with the tears from above..

Gone was our love..


A sore glass of wine,

I’m drunk.

longing for your scent,

But it’s your T-Shirt that isn’t able to be here anymore..

I’m sure I still don’t comprehend..

Should I just forget you, then?

I absolutely know that’s about to be hard.

Because there isn’t a change of trying again.

What you want is to clear a pleasant memory,
You want to let it flow again I see.

But can’t you understand it will break the insides of my heart?!

Can’t you see; I want to tear us apart..


I can’t replay your favorite album from The Common Linnets again and again.

But it’s painful to ignore my contradictory feelings.

The lyrics just brings up the history of us.

I’m wondering why it can’t be torn away by this little bleeding eraser.

For the last time

it is over!

Don’t turn back towards me,

I just doesn’t make sense at all!

I meant the words I said to you,


you didn’t ;

this year, later.

It is over.

It is too late…


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