Just Look At Me

Raincoats aren’t there to protect us

Thousands of cars are crashing into the many dangerous ditches

from the risky roads.


Thousands of hearts

that keep bleeding

Thousands of shards

Thousands of scars

Thousands of shreds.


When will this world create her mercy for us?

I don’t know


But just look at me..


Yes, the nails are wounding our feet

The killing smog is greeting us treacherously

Underneath our morning sheet.


Yes, the fire sparks are hurting us

Are stabbing into our sensitive flesh

The wounds appearing new and fresh.


Yes, it’s raining wooden splinters

A nightmare for our fragile fingers.


Yes, the blood is streaming out of our veins

The world wants us to sink in sadness.


But love, despite this cruelty

Are you prepared yet,


To stay in my embrace?


And would you stare at me

Like you did the last time with

Our warm hearts and their safe race?






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