Girl From The Beach

Sipping from tea that’s tasting like blood.

Letting her toes freeze and die at tide and flood.


Coffee that’s burning her mouth,

Wine that kills her throat out loud


Purple heart,

just like the blood;

streaming out from

her cold hands, 

So black and blue.


Her eyes blurry by,

The salt and her own tears
She will get lost in the storm,

the lightning and thunder;

they will wound her in her own fright.


And she looks so white,

so pale,

so lifeless;

It’s just like the end is staring in her eyes and their teary mess.



you look so pale and so white, 

it’s painful to ask,

but still;  Are you alright?


Knifes stabbing her back;

that’s how the cold sea water feels against the unhealthy temperature of her skin.

And there’s no lack,

of warmth…


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