Luke Bryan

Grab your steamy Starbucks cup quickly

off the counter

We are still waiting in line


And finally when we’re across the doorstep from this coffee bar

The morning sun meets us

we feel incredibly fine


We start our old Chevy with those same ‘ol car keys

Rolling up the sleeves from our plaid shirts

Grabbing our cowboy hats from the backside of the car


At the beginning of noon the petrol gauge is running low

We arrive at a tank station

Buying Bacardi cans

Instead I’m preferring Coca Cola 

I guess I’m the one to drive


At the falling of the evening

The sunset is colouring our sun-kissed faces red

The breeze of the sea blowing the fringe of my cowboy boots

Restful roads are embracing our country roots



Millions of dandelions

We blow; they’re spreading the sky

And when the night is finally coming

We sigh in satisfaction without any warning


Fireflies lighting up the grass from the dunes

Sea sparkle colouring the sea foam


All of this,

Everything about this situation

Is like a typical Luke Bryan song



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