Goodbye, Goodbye my dear, Goodbye my love



like tears I try to wipe away

from these bleeding and broken roads I walk again

Bleeding train tickets for dark cities

lonely places

And strange faces

Yes our love has already died

With its spark and intimacy

Trampled onto the dirty ground by heavy feet

Mislead by an image that wasn’t real

Deep within you it seems you’re just like a Propaganda;

You let everyone convince that you’re the one that has it alright you like to haunt me with fright

And you let me choke into the soar blood from my innocent wounds

You let me choke in this mud


I keep asking myself why I’m trying to be positive

Shall I lovingly say

Your name?

I speak sarcasm again


There is fire within me

So I keep burning

“Goodbye, goodbye my dear, goodbye  my love”


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