Eyes glancing with confusion

No memories of a former time

Everything for you is illusion


You don’t remember my face anymore

There’s no spark within your eyes like they had before

The flowers we picked during warm summer nights

The look on your face asking me about that;

A beautiful situation we shared and experienced

I’ll explain you again but your brain isn’t getting it right


You forgot everything

You don’t know my name anymore like you did before;

It was rolling off your tongue


When I visit you for coffee

And you’re staring in haziness at your untouched coffee cup;

You don’t know me anymore

You don’t recognize me like you did before

And it keeps hurting me again and again

Sometimes it even makes me go insane

But then I’ll ask you one last time when we’re sitting together in your living room

And the rain is softly clattering against the window pane;

“Do you remember the time when you tucked me in, underneath the blankets? With your lovely caresses; warm like a sunny spring, and gentle like a soft feather?”

You look up and I see a sudden sparkle of warmth in your eyes

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