I Don’t Have The Keys From Your House Anymore

I will never fall into your door like I did long before; When I was like confetti, falling But there’s no party anymore There’s no sign of a love that’s calling And deep down I knew from the beginning of everything we had; “This love won’t end good” And I’m feeling the knives are hurtingContinue reading “I Don’t Have The Keys From Your House Anymore”

When I Meet You At The Parking Lot

5 AM in the morning  12 AM at midnight It doesn’t matter when or how late I’m up and waiting for you I’m longing to see you . Do you see the gasoline flaming onto the black asphalt? it’s burning just like my heart does when it’s beating and thumping against yours . And weContinue reading “When I Meet You At The Parking Lot”

Brandy Clark

I love you when the moon shines down on the features of your beautiful shaped face The street lantern keeps you company with its safety that makes your heart warm with grace Do you feel it; Your heart lightens at the latest hours of the night We speechlessly look at the CD player; so preciousContinue reading “Brandy Clark”