Sitting On This Pier While Wishing You Were Here

My feet dangling into the ice cold water

I have purple hands and limbs; a pale skin

The seagulls and their painful screech

I’m staring at a dull sky

and I know its usual blue is something I can’t reach no more


How long will it take for my blood to escape from my lifeless body,

Can you tell; The whiskey burns everything within?

And tell me, why should I horror about alcohol?

When everything’s already broken and shattered,

and torn apart

Why does a conscious rejection makes any sense?


Baby you loved to fly

I know you did

And I guess you did

High up into the sky

But at the end it wasn’t lovely for the both us;

The end of your life passed you by

The plane you were in hit the ground

And as soon as I heard the tragic news

I started to bleed like a deep hurting wound

Baby I couldn’t see the horrified look on your face

Baby I couldn’t hear your frightening heart with its dangerous race

That was because I couldn’t keep you safe

And everyday I’m so sorry about that


So I sit on this pier

While I’m drinking this strong beer

I’m trying to drown away my tears

The ones I’ve been keeping with me for years 

Like a heavy backpack

Everyday, I tell to myself, to the dull sky, ice cold water and most important of all: You;

“I’m so sorry”


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