When Death Comes Alive

.1 AM.

Gravel paths are leading me to finished lives;

of names,


into torn marble stones and tiling


Withered black berry bushes

memories smashed;

From houses of retarded families

With their windows in thousands of bloodied shards

.2 AM.

Tell me,

Are those footsteps I hear,

With every breath I take

Every sigh I heave?

Tell me,

Are those footsteps coming towards me?

This death keeps hurting me

Oh it keeps making me live in pain 

Oh it keeps driving me insane

.2:30 AM.

And I hear those footsteps running towards me when I know it’s already too late

But I kneel down onto my broken knees

And everything bleeds.. Inside of me

Then, I hear His soft voice calling out to me

I open my tear-stained eyes

.3 AM.

I walk with Him through the cemetery garden

And there’s no time ticking as long as I’m turning myself to Him

and I’m sinking into His father-like embrace,

I’m sinking into his strong arms

.3:30 AM?.

Oh how I long about the day when every grave will be open;

When death comes alive..


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