An unexpected “goodbye” came sooner than you’ve ever thought

Every night seems blacker than it ever was


The keys from your house,

I still have them lying on my tear-stained wooden table;

Some piece of you left here with me


The wine opens my old wounds and holes that are carved into the flesh of my lips

the only thing I still do is choking onto my own fresh blood


The flowers planted in front of your grave, they’re still in drought,

in pain.

And I’m alone


My knees are knealing down into the dirty and wet mud

they’re tired,

and so are my limbs, hands and arms.. they’re also cold

The glowing lanterns from this cemetery are meant for a peaceful company
but for me everything warm is dead, can’t you see?

The trees are lifeless on my way to my house
without you it doesn’t feel like home
without you I’m alone


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